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decaylikeleaves's Journal

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  • decaylikeleaves@livejournal.com

Welcome to decaylikeleaves. This is my journal to post all the graphics that I make. You can find my personal journal at opalescent or my fanfiction archive journal at lunacyskies. My name is April, and most of my graphics consist of Ville Valo, Bam Margera, HIM, CKY, random movies I like (the notebook, ginger snaps, white orleander, ect..) among actors like Ryan Gosling, Topher Grace, ect.. and actresses like Rachel McAdams, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymoore, ect.. Im not fond of pop stars, they're too dramatic, but everynow and then i'll post some stuff for those of you who like it. This journal is Friends Only which means that you'll have to add me and I'll check my friends list every now and then to see if someones added me then i'll add them back


01 You don't request here, unless I make an entry saying I'm taking requests.
02 Do not modify or redistribute any of my shit.
03 If you use something by my please link back. If it's an icon put a link in the keywords. If it's a layout/header/blend put it in your userinfo.
04 If I catch you stealing something of mine without credit then you will be taken off my friends list immediatly.
05 If I make an un-coded layout (ie; a header for a layout) and you don't know how to code it, then ask me and I might do it for you.
06 In order for me to add you, you need to add me first.
07 Every 3 or so days I check the journals of everyone on my list to see if they are properly crediting me, so if your not, do so no, becuase i will delete you when i find out. (and i will find out)


01. 02. 03.
04. 05. 06.